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Justin Traylor
“We began searching to purchase our first home, but really had no idea how to go about it. I had found an interesting house in Ft Collins online, and decided to inquire about it. We were very fortunate that Candy Burnett was the person that responded. Soon after, we met with both Andy and Candy to talk about our search and view a few homes. The meeting felt relaxed and natural, and they were very knowledgeable about the homes in the area. Over the next several weeks, they helped us refine our search until we had found what we were looking for. Once we were ready to make an offer on a house, they guided us every step of the way. I’m certain we could not have gotten through it without their knowledge. They made it feel easy and stress-free, but it would have been quite the opposite if we would have attempted it alone. We love our new home, and it’s all thanks to Andy and Candy Burnett.”

Bruce & Jodi Ogden
“We worked with two other realtors before contacting Andy and Candy. We had spent the majority of the 3 days we allotted to visit the area and find a new home. Andy and Candy immediately zeroed in on just what we were looking for and they found us a great house in our price range the same day we originally met them. We were scheduled to fly out of Denver that evening, but Andy and Candy asked if we could spend an additional day since they felt they could find us and even better location for our new home. So we followed their advice stayed an extra day, and as promised they found us just what we had been looking for. Understand we only gave them a 30 hour window. Both are great down to earth people and really looked out for our best interests both in the quality of the home and future resale value. We then went back to North Dakota and Andy and Candy did all the leg work to secure our new home, set up an inspection, assisted with lining us up with a local mortgage broker who had great rates and zero closing costs. Andy also repeatedly gave me advice on selling our existing home in ND. My advice to anyone looking to buy a home here in CO, Andy and Candy are the team to contact. From start to finish they always gave us the time we needed and always kept us well informed and away of important dates and items. WOW this was one tremendous home buying experience. They are certainly a credit to their profession.” View on Zillow >>

James & Shauna Bryan
“My husband and I were recommended to Andy in 2008 and were very impressed. Even though we were just looking at the time, he spent several hours and multiple weekends understanding our needs, wants, expectations and limitations. We then recommended him to our friends who were also treated with great respect and professionalism. With him, they found their dream home! We were finally able to purchase in 2011 and of course, Andy and Candy were our obvious choice for Realtors. We also found our dream home! I would highly recommend Andy and Candy to my dearest friends and family, and I have! They are the best!” View on Zillow >>

Kathy Scheer
“Andy and Candy were wonderful to work with. They took the time to get to know my likes and dislikes, were very encouraging, patient, and helped relieve the stress that comes with buying a new home. They are also very knowledgeable of the ins and outs of real estate and did such a great job of guiding me through the whole process. I highly recommend the Burnett team!” View on Zillow >>

Drea Sandoval
“We honestly feel that Andy is the best there is! He is very genuine and is passionate about what he does. He has very valuable knowledge of the housing industry, and luckily, was able to educate us. 🙂 He is a great listener and takes an honest interest in listening to what you want and meeting all of your needs. It has been a pleasure to work with him, to say the least. Thanks for everything Andy! :)”

Mike Tanaka
“Andy was extremely helpful, especially since we were under a short time crunch. My wife’s aunt liked him so much she enlisted him to help sell her home.”

Joanna Thompson-Hogrief
“Andy not only helped me sell my home in 4 days, but found me my dream home! He is both a great Realtor and an amazing person. I put off writing this review because I had a hard time adequately describing just how great my experiences were with Andy. As eloquent as I hope this review is, it doesn’t properly convey how good Andy is at his job.

Let’s start with the selling process. Andy came to my condo (which he helped me purchase 4 years earlier) and told us what to do. We followed his instructions and got his sign-off prior to putting the home on the market. He did his due diligence on the market and comparable homes for sale in the area and recommended a price. Four days later we had two offers…both at asking! Needless to say, our expectations on sales price were more than exceeded.

Now the fun part, finding our new home. With a deadline approaching, Andy sifted through the decent inventory of homes for sale and provided those homes that best fit what we were looking for. After two full days of looking at homes, we found our dream house. Unfortunately there were a couple of structural issues with the property, all of which Andy used to our advantage. We got a fantastic deal on the home and, for the most part, just had to press Andy’s infamous “Easy Button.” Our home immediately appraised for more than we paid.

While I relatively succinctly explained our experience with Andy, I still don’t think I did him justice. I recommend calling him and talking to him so you can judge for yourself.”

Darin Matheus
“We would never have closed on our dream home without Andy. I thought using a Realtor was outdated with all the internet options out there now. But Andy’s approach to helping my wife and I understand what was important to each of us helped us focus and quickly find the right house. Where Andy earned his money was while in escrow. Several times the deal started to unravel and it was Andy who stepped up and found solutions. I am not exaggerating when I say without him we would still be looking. Thank you Andy”

Michael Wittrock
“Andy is a world class realtor that I strongly recommend. His work ethic and integrity are highly complementary of his great personality and personal service. If you are looking for best, look no further. I’ve done three property transactions with Andy and all three far exceeded my expectations. Andy is honest and willing to tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. Andy digs in to determine what you want and works to deliver it above your expectations. If you choose someone else, I would propose you are making an error. Go with experience, reliability, humility and work ethic because that’s what gets it done.”

Rob Kancilia
“I echo all the positive things that everyone else has mentioned about Andy – he’s a true professional, he’s very knowledgeable, and he cares about the people with whom he works. I don’t think my experience with Andy could have been better, and I think it’s worth pointing out a couple interactions with Andy that provide specific examples of how good he is.

The first is a conversation we had after a Sunday showing at a condo in east Denver. We were a couple weeks into the search process, and I hadn’t yet found anything that seemed like a good fit, including the property we just viewed, and was starting to get disheartened. As we were leaving, Andy asked me what I thought of the property, and I gave him a lukewarm response. He could tell I didn’t like it, and more importantly he could tell that the process wasn’t yielding properties that were what I wanted – befitting of a bachelor in his mid-20s. In a moment of great intuition, Andy said he would restructure our search process and start targeting properties that were more me. Within the next week or so, we found the condo that would end up being mine.

The second interaction was at the condo that would become my home. We knew pretty quickly it was the place I was looking for, and the price point was great. After viewing the condo, Andy asked me my thoughts, and I told him I loved it. He told me I should put in an offer ASAP; the property was a short sale, and the price had very recently come down 15-20%. He knew the property wasn’t going to last long at that price. And he was right. At the closing, the seller’s agent said that 7-8 offers came in right behind mine. Had there been any hesitation, the property would have been someone else’s. Andy’s expertise made all the difference.

I have recommended Andy to others and will continue to do so without hesitation. He’s a great guy and a great Realtor.”

Wendy Sawyer
“I was buying my first home and in order to find one within my price range, I decided on a short sale. There was some electrical problems that needed to be fixed but Andy knew I had this purchase down to a pretty tight budget, especially being a single mom. Andy and a friend of his came through and fixed the electrical issues for me and he said it was my “housewarming present”. The bank was dragging their feet throughout the entire process and I was getting nervous. Andy kept reassuring me that this was going to happen and he kept on top of the listing agent. Finally, we closed on the house but not without jumping through many hoops and he made it all seem effortless. He knows his stuff and he sincerely cares about the people he works for.”

Jeff Jones
“Andy was just a fantastic agent for us, there’s no other way to put it. Excellent negotiator, accommodating, excellent listener, and most importantly knowledgeable in every aspect of the process and the product. We couldn’t have asked for a better Realtor. Andy is also a heck of a nice guy, and a complete pleasure to work with.”

Dean Reiber
“I hate realtors. Never found one that really added any value to the entire process of buying or selling a home comparable to what they got paid. Until I met Andy. He was totally worth working with in both buying and selling our homes. I would recommend him to anybody that is in the market. Best EVER!!!”

Doug Moore
“Andy provided excellent service and was extremely responsive to my questions and concerns. He worked extremely hard and was able to sell the house within 2 weeks after it went on the market. I have recommended him to others who have been extremely happy with his services.”

Brad Kemp
“I am a mortgage broker and have worked with Andy for several years. Andy has the highest integrity and works harder than any agent that I know to make his clients happy and find them the house that meets their needs. I would recommend Andy to any of my borrowers.”

“Andy sold our house in 5 days. He is very responsive and extremely knowledgeable. He did a lot of research so that we didn’t have to. He walks you through the entire process and takes a lot of the stress away of selling your home. He keeps you apprised of all details needing attention. We HIGHLY recommend him.”

Michael Block
“Andy is honest and extremely knowledgeable. He gave me great advice on the best way to prepare my property for sale. It sold very quickly!”

Robert Petricich
“Andy is a solid guy who brings everything to the table in a genuine manner. Ease of use, simple communication, and effective when it comes to negotiations. A+ Keep up the good work!”

Chris Kolker
“Andy has been very helpful preparing us and our home to sell. He is knowledgeable, professional, and very sincere. We would happily work with him again.”